Monday, 7 November 2016

Field Notes and Compo Book

Thanks to The Well Appointed Desk post of November 3rd headed 'Link Love' I found these limited edition [5000 sets] Field Notes, the iconic US brand of A6 pocket notebooks.

I love products that have a small company start up tale to tell.

On the same blog there is a Kickstarter project for Comp books.

Pictures below ....

In the early 1950's the UK education system was still enduring immediate postwar lack of funding and materials with many items coming from prewar stocks.

The church grammar school that I attended as a 'scholarship boy' was luckier than most in this respect when one of the Brothers had found a cache of American Meade Composition books.

I can still remember when an English Composition lesson would begin with his desk stacked high with homework essays a bit like this pile. He would comment on selected highlights before sending each book with a flick of the wrist, roughly in the direction of its owner.

These books had hard covers and thus woke us up and kept us alert as we ducked to avoid being hit or else improved our skills at catching these ballistic missiles.

Similar experiences clearly had an effect on one Aron Fay who is going all out to recreate a modern high-end version of this masterpiece of US history.

You can follow the link from The Well Appointed Desk [see right] or dial yourself in at:


OK if you live in USA but beware it'll cost you at least £65 or so in the UK.
You can surely find similar on Ebay for less?

Happy noting and composing!
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