Friday, 18 November 2016

My Original Journal

Apart from assorted school projects in a variety of exercise books, or copy books as the Brothers would refer to them, my first journal was as heavy as a kerbstone and reeked of leather and quality. 

My father took me on the 630 trolley-bus from our Mitcham home to Croydon and the [even then] old fashioned stationers and printers shop called Roffey & Clarke. On the list of 'essentials for a deck apprentice', my chosen shipping company had thoughtfully included 'blank hardcased personal journal'.
The one we chose was probably designed as a ledger with pages of light grey cartridge paper. It was quarto size and about 1" thick and it survived the first three years of my apprenticeship from 1956 to '59 with weekly entries in fountain pen.

There was no choice. Captain's Sunday inspection included sighting of our journals to ensure that they were maintained.

The habit was formed and, during the next decade I filled a much slimmer foolscap notebook each year.  All were eventually destroyed. It would have been nice to have kept that first one tho,

Just one small regret from an otherwise happy life of not ever being a hoarder.

The top photo is from the internet courtesy Francis Frith postcards. The bigger one is a mock up that I made this morning with a cut out picture of a similar book and a few pictures from an album.

Stay safe and thanks for stopping by.