Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pictures in a journal

If you take a look at Wakako's recent post [] you can see that she uses an LG personal printer to create stickers for her travel journal. Seems like a good idea until you do the math.

The printer is around £90 and a pack of thirty dry-ink stickers will set you back another £14

Because I rarely, if ever, need to print out pictures on site I am quite happy to use my Epson printer here at home. A pack of 100 A4 labels, each sheet having eight 2.25" x 3.25" costs £5.99on line including postage.

I already have Word 2010 on my laptop so it is easy to select 'mailings' then 'labels' then 'new document' and 'Avery A4/L7165.

This takes longer to describe than it does to actually do it! You then simply place your selected photos in the spaces - one picture per label.

Load a sheet of labels into your printer and, hey presto you can run off all eight in next to no time.

You may need to fiddle about with image size. You can see from these first attempt examples in the pages of a passport size Traveler's Notebook that I missed the margins a bit.

Even so, with costs at a small fraction of the LG set-up I am more than happy to play around a bit.

Thanks for stopping by and happy printing.