Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Size Matters

Left to Right: White A4, odd notebook, B5, magazine, A5 paperback, A6 pocket book.
I grew up happily accepting that paper came in strange sizes.

Newspapers were massive, magazines and comics were smaller and Mum's pad of Basildon Bond notepaper came in an odd size and a strangely insipid shade of pale blue.

At school we had foolscap or quarto although some exercise books came in American quarto. All were measured in inches.

Decimalization changed all that and we are now familiar with A2, A4 and A5. I really cannot be bothered to go and look up their dimensions in centimeters.

At last there appears to be a rebellion against such mediocrity. I have been delighted to find notebooks that are a tad smaller  than A4 [another USA variation perhaps] and magazines that are slightly larger than A5 [Could be B5]

In the absence of any real stationery stores in Margate I have found the best range of odd sizes in TK Maxx. Beware that even there the stock is  limited and watch their prices VERY carefully!

Happy Christmas Shopping!