Thursday, 22 December 2016

Art and books

We are incredibly fortunate to have a world class contemporary art gallery in Margate. It opened five years ago and its first [and so far,only] permanent exhibit is a neon sculpture called 'Turning Pages' by Sir Michael Craig-Martin.

This was originally commissioned in 1975 and was positioned over the entrance to the Public Library. As it was a tribute to a retiring librarian the design and location seemed appropriate.

Then, for some reason best known to the artsy-fartsy community it was relocated to the Turner
It's just visible above the couple standing in the centre.
Contemporary Art Centre for its opening in 2011.

Surely something art related would have been more appropriate than a neon book? Maybe a statue of JMW Turner or his portrait?

So, since then the front of the library is naked red brick and the foyer of the gallery has this thing.White neon against a white wall?!

At least is sets the theme for the gallery's love of grey captions to pictures against grey backgrounds!

But now, and you really couldn't make this up, the gallery has published a print of the sculpture. It is about 2 ft square. OK, so it is a 'limited edition' but be honest now. How many people do you know who would shell out £750 for it unframed ...or breath taking £900 for having it stuffed into a very plain looking frame?

Breath taking? Piss taking more like!

Books I can understand. Art ... well that's beyond me in this particular manifestation.
Yellow print on blue background and yours for £900
With a compact camera or mobile phone you could probably grab a shot of the original, trick out a print on Photoshop and have your own for about 90p