Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Cards

After a lifetime of nativity scenes, I chose this card by local artist Darren Lewis.

Whilst the love of my life was doing her annual thing for family and friends with copious lists,I addressed a handful of these more contemporary images.

At £2.99 a time this could become an expensive pastime and I reminded myself that I got into photography because I was crap at art.

So one sunny, chilly December day I wandered down to the harbour to do my own version with a tiny Canon IXUS 70 camera.

With a few sheets of A4 cartridge paper, my desk top printer and an hour later I had this result.

Some unique cards that I could print off as required. I left the insides blank so that I could use the same design for casual notelets after the festive season has ended.

I bought my artists cards from Loveley's Gallery in Northdown Road Cliftonville. You can find Darren Lewis on line via Google and apparently, numerous social media platforms.

My Christmas 2016 masterpiece!