Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas in Naples

Last time in Naples we made a point of visiting Via San Grigorio Armeno. This also known as Presepe Street.

A presepe is a nativity scene. I knew these as  cribs in my childhood home  but ours were simple and crude compared with the amazing creations of the artisans of Naples.

It feels like Christmas every day in Presepe Street where families make and sell some fantastic interpretations of the Nativity.

This is a narrow street where every shop offers your choice of scene, from miniatures that will fit the palm of your hand to some massive dioramas over a metre wide. 

These incredibly detailed 3D models can include whatever your imagination can conceive ... not just the Holy Family but pop singers, politicians, sports stars and celebrities. You can even buy the component parts to create and populate your own unique version.

I leave you with a handful of pictures from Naples.