Sunday, 18 December 2016

Continued from Friday

Some marketing can be amazingly subtle and very cost effective.

It was the various instagram 'location shots' of Midori Travelers Notebook that originally lured me into the whole TN scene that almost broke the bank.

Then I figured that I could do some similar shots right here on the Kent coast but somehow never got around to it.

Whilst all this was happening a small business was hatching in South Devon.

I had heard of Start Point and had indeed taken bearings of the lighthouse there, way back in my supertanker navigating days.

Year end is surely a time to get my disparate journaling and notebook acts together with a new start point with a cover from Start Bay Notebooks.

Do I NEED a leather cover? No!
Do I WANT a leather cover? Yes!
Santa agreed, so I placed my order on Tuesday December 13. It was acknowledged the same day with a shipping notification a day later. My A6 notebook cover order was delivered in pristine condition on the 15th. Now that's what I call service!!!!!!!!!

Yes indeedee. Time to get back in the flow with a small English company ... my favourite type of enterprise. With a smooth sea and following breeze I should be coming back to enjoy my 'new' brand of notebookism during the months ahead.

Now if only I can create the need to buy an A5 cover from Start Bay Notebooks.

Mmmmm. Suppose I order one anyway with faith that the need will manifest when the time is right?

That really is an act of faith. Appropriate for Christmas I guess and as long as I spend an equal or greater amount on the lady in my life and a favourite charity too ....?

These photos are culled from various sources via Start Bay Notebooks sites and then montaged together using a free 'PicMonkey' editing program. They remain copyright of  Start Bay Notebooks.
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