Friday, 30 December 2016


Happy new year to my small band of regular readers!

Instead of stealing a load of fancy graphics and greetings from elsewhere on the web ... and lacking the talent and inclination to attempt an original ... I offer you a trio of photographs from the 2013 Pirelli Calendar which was the first ever where the beautiful models kept most of their clothes on.

These were shot on location in Rio. I was saddened to see from TV coverage that the crappy parts of Rio [and Cuba too] are even crappier than I remember them from my happy times in both places during 1956.  Ye Gods!  I was an [almost] innocent teenager and yet the memories are as fresh as ever, OK, maybe time has added a little sparkle of fairy dust but.I certainly enjoyed coffee and company in a bar like this!

In this shot the guy in the hoodie gets to shine a light on the model who is writing her journal by the light of an oil lamp.

But the end result was well worth it. May the end result of all that you aspire to in 2017 bring you
happiness and may they exceed your expectations.

Photographer: Steve McCurry
Model:             Isabeli Fontana
Publisher:        Pirelli