Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Lazy photography

After all this time I could never abandon my interest in photography.

But as someone once said, 'Those who can, do: Those who cannot, teach: Those too dim to teach become consultants - but even time catches up with them too.'

Having never owned a smart phone my cameras [both of 'em] are pretty basic point 'n' shoot bits of kit which rarely leave their auto settings and, until the weather warms, up rarely leave home either.

So now I get my foto fix via third parties and magazines.

I enjoy watching the regular updates from which is where I discovered this lonesome ghost ship by a Greek practice called

But, for ultimate reading pleasure a screen is no substitute for a well produced analogue magazine,

In the past I have mentioned Hungry Eye, a small format quarterly from independent publishers in Sussex. It is an A5 format with very few advertisements and not too heavy on the technical side.

Recently changed from monthly to six-a-year is Professional Photography. Their website is a bit of a heavy sell on subscriptions
so don't bother with it. Instead check out a copy in a real shop ... but beware, the change from a tenner won't even cover a regular Americano at Caffe Nero. I can be inspired by looking at images by other photographers and amused by their marketing 'next big thing' which are usually variations on old and proven concepts. Expensive indeed, but a good couple of hours of reading ... although I expect it to shrink back to its former pagination after an  issue or three.