Tuesday, 20 December 2016


It now hardly seems possible that I once drove around 20,000 international miles a year and couldn't even imagine then how one could exist [let alone live!] without a car. Some of my most fun-filled driving days were in a variety of Fiat sports cars.

Well it is now nine years since I last drove a car!

The freedom is amazing! The pressure on the finances has been significantly reduced.

OK, I accept that some folk really DO need a car for their specific life styles.

I've had fun in Riva speed boats too, so I was delighted to read that Fiat and Riva have teamed up to create a special edition of the cute 500 convertible detailed and fitted out to Riva yacht standards. Seems it  is due to be released in UK next year.

On Sunday I offered you a collage of notebooks from Start Point and mentioned that it was 'location shots' for Midori Travelers Notebook that had encouraged my foray into their marketing world.

I have now unearthed some of these from the internet,courtesy of Patrick Ng in Hong Kong.

Guess I have used too many photos from others over these last 100 or so blogs, During 2017 I plan to do more original stuff ... well at least 50:50 ...with my brace of Canon compact cameras.

On the topic of photography I leave you with a couple of seasonally chilly shots from daughter Sally's portfolio ... and no, I can't claim credit for these shots either. She long ago moved on from 'Dad's snapshots' to professional photographic modelling.