Monday, 26 December 2016

The Well Appointed Desk

Pic from The Well Appointed Desk
Feel like a quick browse?

One of my favourite blogs to check every couple of days is The Well Appointed Desk. You can find a link over on the right here,

Each week or so you will find a regular feature called 'Link Love' from whence you can get lost in an amazing collection of links.

For instance, on December 21st there were direct links to 14 sites about pens;6 about ink;2 about paper and notebooks;3 about planners;1 about pencils and 8 about 'other interesting things'. These lists vary in length with each issue.

Thanks to  'other' I accessed a BBC radio programme that I had missed back in 2012 called 'The Stationery Cupboard' in which Lucy Managan justifies her fascination with paper and pens.

Under 'Field Notes for urban sketching' there are some great examples of art on the go.

In an earlier posting there was an item about how mail-order companies in Canada have to take steps to stop ink freezing in winter shipments.