Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Anyone Can Do Seafront Photos

 Although I am not into social media, I am aware that they are awash with delightful pictures of our spectacular sandy beaches and sunsets.

Frankly, anyone can do these. I have even seen four-year old toddlers doing them, which is good if it gives them image awareness and art appreciation.

With temperatures hovering around zero last Sunday I figured on doing a couple of shots that would be totally unique as nobody else could take them.

At the top is my Ixus 70 camera that I has been my EDC [Every Day Carry] through January. Its only drawback is that it uses a Canon rechargeable battery which is inconvenient if it runs out of juice away from home.

For February I shall use the slightly more modern A1400 which is powered by a couple of AA cells, available in any supermarket.

Neither camera cost  very much [Like under £20 on eBay] and these pictures were taken in point 'n' shoot auto mode.

The advantage of keeping to one brand is that the similarities of controls make life simple. The way I like it! Each was chosen for the old fashioned viewfinder availability. If you have ever tried to see anything on an LCD screen in bright sunshine then you will know where I am coming from on this.

While the weather was cold we generated a bit of our own heat by redecorating a bedroom with a few splashes of colour to contrast with the otherwise white and light walls. It wasn't until I took this lower picture that I realised that it might look a bit like funeral parlour chapel of rest. I promise you that the casket does not contain ashes!                        

Last time I remarked on the way that styles of portraiture have changed over my lifetime. I have now found my only surviving shot from a studio publicity shoot when I was 21.

Ahhh Bless!  Strangely, I seem to have MORE hair now than I had then ...or maybe less grease.

Housekeeping Update:
My list of 'other blogs' was getting a bit out of hand so I have conducted my annual cull to reduce the list to five ... each chosen on merit with useful links to others if you choose and normally an absence of hard sell, hysteria, politics or foul language.