Friday, 6 January 2017

Frugal Friday

Late last year we changed the furniture layout in our lounge.

As a result we needed more localised lighting in addition to/instead of the main room lights.

Just before Christmas we were in Homebase where the newish owners were clearing their warehouse of obsolete stock.

We found a suitable table lamp, complete with shade and touch-sensor switching for .... wait for it ... just £1,50.

It looked so good that we returned later in the day for another three!

The long life, low energy bulbs added a fiver each but,compared with others that we had checked elsewhere, these met our needs and the price was right.

We hadn't even gone shopping with lights in mind that day. It sure pays to look around you with an open mind to let serendipity in.

Both pictures with compact Canon Ixus70 camera on auto setting.