Saturday, 28 January 2017

Journal Admiration

 I am peeved that many once entertaining bloggers have jumped ship and now use Instagram instead ... and that to read their words of wisdom I am forced to have an Instagram account.

There is one benefit 'tho. I sometimes stumble over stuff by accident. Like the delightful journal pages from:-
which is published by a lady called Cindy, who has a husband named 'M' and a daughter referred to as 'N' and an obsessive relationship with her duvet.

As a total muppet when it comes to drawing or painting, as my calligraphy deteriorates with each passing year and ... well, you get the picture! In fact today, you get three of them. As usual, left clicks of your mouse might make 'em bigger, depending on your 'device'.

I don't understand the appeal of Instagram or the desire to share xillions of mediocre mobile phone photos with the world. Perhaps it is because, for reasons best known to the geeks of this planet, the platform is not available to those of us who use dumb phones and use cameras for photography.
I guess that Cindy lives in a chilly part of USA or Canada, but more than  that you will have to imagine or discover for yourself.
But, I sure do admire her skills and her very personal and unique style of journaling.