Monday, 16 January 2017

Nerdy Day

 Forgive the dark look of the pictures today. They reflect my mood of the moment.

When it comes to matters IT I am not the sharpest knife in the box. Most times I'm not EVEN in the box!

After trials and tribulation - but before tears and tantrums, I eventually managed the transitions from Amstrad Word Process to a desk top monster of a grey box and thence to a laptop. I guess a 'tablet device' could be a move too far!

I even managed to figure out a shift from Windows XP to Windows 8, the latter being surely spawned by a devil with a sick sense of logic! Then, fed up with endless on screen badgering by Microsoft to Windows 10 which I abhor, hate and detest.

Earlier today I fired up the laptop [which actually sits on a desk and runs off the mains] to be ordered on a blue screen 'Configuring Windows Updates, DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER'

Excuse me Microsoft! Who's bloody computer is it anyway and why will you not allow me to choose when [if at all] it feels a good idea to update anything?

A couple of coffee breaks later it deigned to start working again.

Then my Google Chrome search page decided to waft off to the far right of the screen and refused to shift back to the centre.

Fortunately I had read somewhere that it is a good idea to keep Internet Explorer alive even after surrendering to Google's incessant nagging about its wonderful attributes. So I returned to good old trusty IE and found a suggestion that, when this happens, shift a curser to the top right corner of the screen and just keep left clicking the mouse and, eventually G will restore to its correct centre stage position. As the only alternative seemed to be incantations and sacrifices at a crossroads at midnight I tried it. Amazingly it worked!

On a happier note, when redecorating our bedroom my delightful Brunette moved her collection of rocks away from its usual resting place and I grabbed this picture on impulse.

Then, whilst shopping in 'The Range' for a new picture I noted, but couldn't really understand the popularity of artwork consisting of nothing but words. A major player in this field seems to be New Yorker Conrad Knudson. I quite like his movie and showbiz themed collages but not for a bedroom. 

The picture about the end is surely part of a text from a T S Elliot poem?

Talking of art, our wonderful Turner Contemporary Art Gallery is between major exhibitions until next week. Why, I wonder, do they not have a permanent exhibition of at least one of his Margate paintings, a statue of the man and a portrait? They could use a corner of the massive entrance atrium and even flog books about JMW Turner and the DVD of 'Mr Turner' ... instead of tucking them away in the 'gift shop' which seems to move around according to the phases of the moon or the gallery director's mood.

I  started with a mood and I shall end with this one!

As Annie sings, The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow.