Friday, 6 January 2017

Notebook Musings 01

My first encounter with the Midori Traveler's Notebook [MTN] was around six years ago.  Since then they have dropped the Midori tag from their name although I have read somewhere that their inserts are still made by that company.

Having, by then, enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle for the best part of 70 years, I was fascinated and attracted by the marketing thrust constructed around the theme of travel.With a fifth anniversary limited-edition produced  in association with Hong Kong's Star Ferries I was hooked. Some of my happiest 1950's memories involved those bustling, iconic vessels that are still going strong.

Nostalgia overcame common sense to the extent that I was able to suspend disbelief at the stratospheric prices of a square of leather packaged with a few elastic bands and a linen drawstring bag. Soon  I was hooked by their commemorative Braniff Airlines and Pan-Am special editions as again, these evoked strong and pleasurable memories of people, place and events.

By now I had returned to sanity. Almost.

I no longer travelled further than the local shopping mall and was too busy having a leisurely life to take time out to maintain a  journal .... although the MTN system is, I appreciate, far more than just a travel journal.

A strong selling  point of those special editions was the idea of a passport, boarding card and luggage stickers. Nice work if you can get it ... to flog a dozen stickers for somewhere north of six quid a time! I CAN see the point of some stickers, even the ones sold in Poundland for children, where a sheet can contain as many as fifty.
My current Start Bay Notebook will retain its beautiful sheen and virginal freshness without stickers, charms or other embellishments, but the idea of personalised stickers still hung around.

Within twenty minutes at my laptop I had created a sheet of eight that could be printed on adress labels. These had cost four pounds for 50 A4 yield 400 individual stickers or labels.

Thanks to MTN for waking up a hitherto dormant streak of creativity which has ultimately led to the serendipitous discovery of Start BayNotebooks and forced me to learn a little bit more about my computer along the way.