Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Notebook Musings 03 - Personal Choice

A quarter of what was
A long time ago, like nine years, we made a conscious effort to simplify and downsize. We didn't go the full zen minimalist route but, with a small apartment it was a question of giving books and CDs away rather than adding new racks.

Over the years my desk has shrunk to a quarter of its original size. Although each of my notebooks has a life expectancy of just 12 months ... why would I want to keep them longer? I was there all the time and my memory is still good and anyway we DO keep prints in photo albums. How quaint!

The choice for a notebook / journal /chapbook was following the same ethos. But, A7 was taking it all a bit too far, so my little Rhodia was relegated to left buttock pocket of my denims for keeping the Caffe Nero loyalty cards handy along with various room measurements and similar chap stuff.

Remaining loyal to UK metric paper sizes it had to be A6 which was small enough to file and large enough for most uses. It also offered a wide price choice and availability even excluding all the spiral bound options.

Then I needed new reading glasses. I really did. That's when a move to A5 made sense, especially as my handwriting was becoming larger and loopier with age. But I was reluctant to see A6 vanish completely. Earlier I wrote about the great British artisan notebook covers from Devon ... Start Bay Notebooks. It may have been a bit arse about face but acquiring one in a generous Field Notes size was the catalyst in giving me a reason to set aside larger volumes.

So here it is, fully loaded with no fewer than FOUR Moleskine small Cahier notebooks ... I said the Start Bay cover was generously cut! I attached a biz-card holder inside the front cover and hey presto, no excuses for creative procrastination and a lovely smell of leather in my desk drawer where it lives when not on active service. 

all photos with IXUS 70