Monday, 23 January 2017

Photography Not Ignored But ...

I am still interested in photography. Of course I am.

But it is clearly unwise for this gentleman of a certain age to venture out into near-zero temperatures in the teeth of a cruel north easterly with nothing between here and the sea. No way will I be tempted, despite our brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine. That's why I may seem to have ignored this interest for some time.

Even so, I am managing to maintain my recent resolution to include more of my home made photographs and fewer imported from elsewhere. I have also been reading about other aspects of the pastime. Hungry Eye comes quarterly from a boutique publishing house in Eastbourne.

I was struck by the contrast between the style of the December cover shot of Ian Brown from Stone Roses pictured by Ant Mulryan  and these portraits illustrating a book review of Hollywood Icons in the body of the magazine, although such comparison was not invited by the editor.

The book features pictures from The Kobal Foundation and provides examples of the portraiture style that I used for my clients back in the day and even, whisper  it quietly, had a few of my own publicity shots done when I was 21. They were lost at sea, except for one which is stashed in an album somewhere and that I cannot find at the moment.

Far left John Wayne. Right Cary Grant. All pictures in this post via Hungry Eye

What the world needs now is love ... and a lot more glamour. Why not make the best of what you've got?

One we made earlier!

Sorry, Sally didn't tell me who the photographer and stylist were for this shot.

Sally is the  model that her Mum and I made earlier.