Sunday, 29 January 2017

This could get embarassing

For the last umpteen years I have owned a very basic Pay As You Go mobile phone. To give you an idea of how much I use it, a £10 top-up usually lasts the best part of a year. It is mainly in my pocket as a safety net in an emergency or, for very rare family text messages.

It cannot take photos as it doesn't have a camera and I use a wrist watch to know the time and a real digital pocket camera if I see a photo worth shooting. I rely on memory to know the date and a tiny notebook and pen to record reminders to myself about amazing flashes on inspirational insight.

About a year ago, near my birthday, I bought the cheapest and simplest 'smartphone' in the 02 Store because it seemed like a good idea to get more up to date and because 02 is the only network that actually works where we live.

Alas, despite the astoundingly helpful staff at the 02 store in Westwood, I gave up after a few days of sheer frustration, having only vaguely managed to switch the damn thing on and off. So I gave it to a charity shop and reverted to the old £9 Nokia pictured above.

To be continued ... meanwhile, here is a bit of 'candid street photography' taken on the fly with my ancient digital camera.

Have a nice day and don't do anything you wouldn't want photographed!