Sunday, 26 February 2017

Can this old sea dog learn a new trick or three?

Now Flats after rebuilding a few years ago - this maybe 1970?

Margate - Back in the 1950s maybe - John Hinde Photo

As February draws to a close I will attempt to create some logic or flow around this assortment of pictures from the internet. Yes. Chaotic. But that's the sort of month it has been.

As for the young lady above, I might explain her presence later.

This week's TV Choice came up with my horoscope just 21 days after I had signed my pact with the dark forces of technology by buying my first ever 'smart' phone. Ah well, better late than not at all I guess.

The French flavoured 'Maison du Marin' print was for sale in a charity shop and it appealed to me but, as we have nowhere to display it at home, I whipped out my trusty compact camera and grabbed this picture just because I could. 

This is the same camera that I pointed at my laptop screen to see what it would make of this open book shot via YouTube.

Ah. That 'smart' phone which was just a tad too smart for me and my lady. After a week of getting increasingly frustrated at making it actually do anything basic I managed to wipe it clean and start over using a very useful manual that I found on line ... why should I have to? Couldn't the maker have popped it in the pack?

Eventually we booked an appointment with 'An 02 Geek' [The name is theirs not mine, which says it all really!] as it was included 'free' with our purchase. Now we know more than we did before and will, I suppose, learn its crazy little logics before our grey cells give up in distaste.

Then, I figured that as I am on this vertical upward learning curve anyway, I might as well chuck another tenner into the 'investment' and grab a five-in-one lens adapter kit for the phone.

Back in the day I was well used to swapping lenses on my SLR camera so this shouldn't be too hard to grasp. Apart from its minuscule meniscus. Each component appears to be glass and metal which makes me wonder why those converters for 35mm cameras cost hundreds of times more?
Yes, I enjoy handling prints but never need to go above A4 size and, for this, 4 megapixels are totally adequate as offered on my new phone. Another example maybe where megapixels are advertised as the next big thing to feed a gear acquisition syndrome ... hot air and GAS!

My goal for March - weather permitting - is to spend at least one full morning on the seafront and learning by playing. That's what the dame who headed this post was doing I suppose. I hope it isn't compulsory to squint and wear my RayBans on the top of my head.

If I get results I'll share them here.

Thanks for coming along for this ride, now what are your personal goals for next month?