Monday, 13 February 2017

February Book of the Month

Photo earlier today with myCanon IXUS70 compact digital camera
Poirot and Me by David Suchet
Headline Books 2013 
ISBN 978 0 7553 6419 0
£20  [But my copy was £2 from Charity Shop]

This may seem an unlikely candidate and yet it is highly appropriate, especially given my fascination with many aspects of show-biz.

Sure, we caught the odd TV show in the Poirot series from time to time [although we were never avid compulsive viewers] and like many of my contemporaries we went through phases of reading paperback detective novels.

Going gently back through time, I had my own version of 'Wilderness Years' following a totally different lifestyle from what went before and what has transpired since. Those 20 years more or less spanned the production periods of the Suchet / Poirot filming.between 1988 and 2008.

They also included a couple of visits to Totnes in Devon to meet a client author and to visit a publishing house when a boat trip to Dartmouth revealed some tantalising glimpses of author Agatha Christie's house named 'Greenaway' on the bank of the River Dart. I hear it is now owned by National Trust and is open to the public ... but it wasn't back then.

Set designer Jeff Tessler and the production  team of the TV series chose to set all 70 shows in 1937-38 for recognition and continuity instead of the more accurate 1927-47 when the novels were originally published.

And that's the point for me really. As I was born in 1938, the first ten years of my life [in a dozen or more addresses] were mostly in houses furnished in what is now 'art deco' period style. The decor and fittings are still so familiar to me.

Finally, I checked to see who created the title sequences for the shows. His name was Pat Gavin and you can find out more about the ethos behind his designs and more of this specific style of graphic design and artwork at

Title image by Pat Gavin [more and video on line]
Back in 19th July I posted some photos of a few of the art deco style homes that I inhabited in Brixton and Streatham and that were still standing last time I looked.

There is a wealth of on-line location information and 'behind the scenes' revelations about Poirot and David Suchet. Happy Googling!