Friday, 24 February 2017

Frugal Friday Free Fotos

I have always found that magazines are a pain-free way of earning a living, learning, acquiring a veneer of knowledge and relaxing.

With the prices of mainstream Photo magazines hitting the upper limit of acceptability I have had to let this pleasure slip away, for good.

This means that I have to overcome my dislike of reading on a screen if I am to get my fix of information from others.

Take this for example, which I discovered on an amazing site called which seems to emanate from Bana India. WARNING! HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS OUTFIT. I SPENT £19 to download a Movavi Photo Editing Studio and received only adverts for more products.
AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Updated 27.02,2017]

There you can find several hundred FREE interviews on line along with a couple of dozen FREE handbooks to download.

All the photos on this post came from Photowhoa and these last two are from a blog interview with Satoki Nagata who has taken the street-photography genre to new levels. His technique is to use an off camera flash mounted on a tripod, a slow shutter speed to record the snow, sleet or rain and I suspect a bit of careful photo montage.

If I thought I could even begin to approach taking pictures like this I STILL wouldn't venture out on the streets after dark, in the snow and loaded with gear.

I have downloaded a free book on Street Photography ... a 62 pager with plenty of examples and supporting text and, so far no annoying pop-ups or advertisements. I may even print it out ... in fact I shall do so right now for reference during my next camera playtime mood.

Thanks for being here.