Sunday, 5 February 2017


My Epson Printer, an XP-312 if you're interested, is around three years old. It is easy to use and, so far, reliable. It works well on documents, photographs and scanning as well as printing the odd sheets of A4 graph paper on demand.

It has one drawback. It is thirsty. It is VERY thirsty.

I could tolerate this while Wilko had genuine inks at around £25 for this pack of four. Since Christmas the price has increased to £32. In Argos it is around £36 and in WH Smith it is impossible because they don't display any prices beyond 'Take this card to the till and buy two to get one half price'. {Seriously! What's the point? Don't they WANT to sell anything? And why are their staff so gloomy?]

Epson have a neat trick. If you buy 'compatible' inks the damn machine locks up and plasters an on screen message threatening a fate worse than death if you continue. Then I read in Computer Active magazine that this can be defeated by simply pressing 'OK' and then'Continue'.  Remember that the original Epson  branded inks are circa £30 for four cartridges ... which made my on-line purchase of a pack of 10 for £11.23 seem like a real bargain. Instead of adding £3.90 for postage I bought two and garnered 'free' postage.

I guess this will last me until my 80th birthday which is now one year away.

Haven't tried them yet ... but I shall post an update when I've had a go.

Although I dislike the Amazon marketing and business model, I cannot fault their speed and efficiency ... ordered the ink at 1100 Hrs on Feb 1 and it was delivered 24 hours later!

Finally, enjoy Margate but please treat the sea with respect. I took this reminder photo a couple of years ago.