Friday, 3 February 2017

Notebook Musings 4

I present three boxes, each containing three pocket notebooks from in Baltimore who have just celebrated their first birthday of the launch of their 'me too' version of Field Notes. More about that shortly.

It is now five or six weeks since I received my Field Notes size 'fauxdori' style cover from Start Bay Notebooks, beautifully Crafted in Britain. It still smells delightful, like the leather clothing stores in the casbah in Tangier ... or the upholstery in your new Ferrari ... only better.

Here you see it loaded with four of the superbly made Writepads which come in a variety of the usual page prints.

I love that they are perfect bound instead of stapled and that the paper seems good. I have just two problems with them ... the UK cost and the suggestion that  their pack designer may have a colour blindness issue!

Each pack of three is priced at a typical $10 which translates [today] to about £8.
However, there seems to be no UK stockist and postage from the USA is a whopping $20 [£16] bringing the total cost of each notebook up to £8 a time. And that is why I shall not be accepting their offers of any new editions any time soon and certainly not their $99 a year subscription scheme. [Which may well attract import duty too?]

The idea of a cardboard sleeve for each triple set is cool although a thicker guage of board would allow them to be  used by those souls who love organising and archiving.

But the colours are so ... so ...YUK!  The 'Royal Blue' edition has muddy blue covers and the box is closer to a dirty nappy than it is to gold. The muddy green covers on the 'Pines' edition are enclosed in a white glossy carton. Why? I guess they had a bit of gash silver and white stock left over from a wedding contract. As for the basic '3 subject notebooks of quality' well again, the last time I saw books with these colours on the covers was in primary school during World War II [I'm talking about 1942 here!]

Fullest possible praise ... and then some ... to Start Bay Notebooks. As for Writepads [not to be confused with scouring pads or sanitary wear of similar designation] they show promise but until they can sort out international pricing and mailing costs they will be a no-no hereabouts. Which is a shame.

OK, so I know that colour is a matter of personal taste and that here in Margate we enjoy a truly colourful world that so inspired JWM Turner's paintings which may not  be replicated in Baltimore, so maybe they just have a more gloomy environment out there?

Note how the top edges of the box tuck-in-flap have dented after virtually zero use.

Below, the brilliant feel-good hues of Baltimore.

I WILL be happier next time out, I promise. Thanks for reading this far [if you have been!]