Tuesday, 28 February 2017


 I first became aware of Irish singer Imelda May a couple of years ago when she was a guest on this Jeff Beck album.

Back then she was a bit of a rocker with a blonde quiff and heavy make up that paid homage to earlier years.

As the parents of any daughter will tell you, these magical creatures go through as many reinventions as a butterfly progressing from egg to fully fledged beauty.

And so it is with Imelda.

I enjoyed her performances on CD and DVD as an Ace Cafe favourite but wow! Look what happened when this superbly talented artist reached 40'ish and grew up!

I would not have recognised her at the Brit awards a couple of days ago. The voice can still evoke emotion, softness, and full tilt bravado with more talent than most of the bimbo wannabe's and one-hit wonders. Guess it's because she has served her time and learned her craft.

You will have to wait until April to buy her latest CD of self-penned songs. Two tracks have been pre-released.

Here, if I am allowed and able to insert it, here is one of them which has surely got to become a number one ... Black Tears.

As a judge on one of those endless TV talent shows might say, 'Do you know what? She totally nailed it. Put her stamp on it. Made it her own.'

Except of course that she didn't because it was already hers from the start! And yes, I have put my money where my mouth is and have pre-ordered my copy.

Jeff Beck plays great guitar [as always]on the CD and instantly reminded me of a 58 year old rendition of Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnnie.
Happy listening I hope ... and if the link is broken I apologize and hope you will pop over to YouTube yourself to see and hear what I mean.

I will do another post immediately for audio version.

Meanwhile, as I used to tell my life coaching clients ... if you are not happy with yourself or your life, you can change it. Imelda has done just that!