Thursday, 16 February 2017

Traveler's Notebook Olive Edition

It has been some time since I caught up with the Traveler's Notebook company.

I took a look at their official site [] and was surprised to find that they have done a lot since my last visit. They've even opened an on-line shop!

The first two innovations for 2017 are a new collection of brass stationery accessories and this Olive Edition TN.
[Photo from their website]

Now I can see the appeal to genuine jungle explorers who want to carry their TN around in their low visibility tracking suits ... but would they really?

From checking out a few favourite blogs it appears that most TN enthusiasts are probably female, aged 20-30 and obviously with significant disposable income. It's a helluva long time since I met one of these delightful creatures although I remember them with love, even so I cannot really see them queuing up to get their hands on one of these olives.

Being a gentleman of a certain vintage my immediate reaction was that it reminded me of army issue and wartime austerities and atrocities which was not a happy thought. In fact it was totally negative.

Then I remembered how Flying Fortress Sally B needed an olive paint job to protect her former unpainted aluminum body ... and how this was used to enhance her role as a flying memorial to more than 72,000 USAF lads who sacrificed their lives on our behalf during WWII. I even had passing thoughts of pre-ordering a TN Olive to 'customize' as a Sally B special. Then I remembered that it is not a good look for elderly gentlemen to even think about recapturing their past ... even in a notebook.

Of course, the TN team see it differently. Well they would wouldn't they? Here is their take on the colour choice. It seems this 'collector's' item will be available in the UK during April 2017.
From Travelers Company Blog