Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Utopia or Distopia?

Whilst looking around for information about smartphones I came across this slender book by American Arthur J. Squiers. Intrigued by the outrageous claims on the back cover blurb I punted out eight quid on the off chance that it might help me understand a bit more.

After getting used to the authors rather schoolboy style of writing and a plot so thin that you can see through it, the first 80 or so pages are quite page-turning in a strange way and present what is, to me, a fearful image of dependency on mobile phones at some time soon ... some has already happened in the two years since he wrote it.

You can skip the last 70 pages entirely as they are about investing in stocks US style and may have little or no relevance in Britain ... but how would I know, having never had funds to 'speculate to accumulate'?

On the day that this post is published I am acquiring a smartphone to see if this time, with my wife's assistance [she is 8 years my junior] we can master it despite, as I suspect any type of manual or instructions to help.

I will certainly let you know how we get on ... but don't expect to find me on all those social media platforms any time soon, if at all.

Meanwhile, if you can recommend a good, basic, printed book about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on, strictly for beginners who are too old to learn fast ... then please let me know. My email address is at the top of the page.

Thanks and please have a nice day.