Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weekend Blog Wanderin'

Last Sunday I promised to let you know how I got on with my bargain 'compatible' inks for my Epson printer. I have now used two of them, one black and the other coloured. I am truly happy to report that they both worked perfectly and the  results are indistinguishable from the Epson brand at many times the price.

Whilst on the money saving kick, there was a time when we had an expensive newspaper and magazine habit. Each day a newspaper would be delivered and each week we'd pop into the newsagent shop to 'pay the paper bill'.

Then deliveries stopped due to lack of demand and ever escalating charges. Then the shop shut down.

So I would buy a paper 'as and when' and maybe grab a couple of titles on Sunday along with TV Times and a local paper.

Then their prices headed for the stratosphere ... especially our local paper which isn't even locally produced and where proof reading, sub editing and professional journalism are all seen to be lost arts. [Despite all the 'meejia studies' degree courses?!]

On Friday, with a few minutes to spare, I collected these two magazines and freebie newspapers from Tesco. Metro is a free daily that can be downloaded unless you find a print copy on our local Loop bus... or by most London railway stations It has a great pair of crosswords too.

InPublishing is a free controlled circulation trade magazine as I like to stay in touch with some aspects of my former working life.

TV programs are mainly so crappy that we just flick thru the channels for nothing.

I guess we were spending at least £10 a week on printed media. By simply eliminating the paid for titles totally with each price rise, we are happily able to save around £500 a year which has to be good.

Last week I said I'd report back on getting to grips with a smartphone. This  cartoon courtesy of says it all.

Stay warm, stay happy and be positive.
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