Saturday, 18 February 2017

What the ****

Please do not adjust your set ... or ... it's probably not you, it's me.

I proudly present my first ever photograph taken with a mobile phone.

It is through a window because it was cold and windy outside. The horizontals and verticals go every which way because I wasn't holding the damn thing correctly.

I still haven't  figured out how to send it from phone to laptop via bluetooth ... and as for getting the phone to access the internet ... well I STILL haven't found the correct bit of magical geek talk or logic.

Mmmm. Cannot see me abandoning my camera any time soon, in fact it is more probable that you will see this distinguished gentleman shouting obscenities to the seagulls as he tosses this 'smart' phone into the sea at high tide from a great height.

I've seen grey haired old grannies doing it on the bus. I've seen three year old kids doing it on the bus. How hard can it be?