Friday, 17 March 2017

Frugal Friday

Here in Margate we are very lucky to have a branch of The Works ... a discount book and stationery store.

It is directly opposite WHSmith who seem  to be morphing into a sweet shop.

On the same day that I acquired this for six quid from the range, the other place had a few copies at £14.99

Another time I might tell you why I bought this particular title - and it may surprise you - but for now, just remember that when, like us, you are on a very limited budget where books are a special treat, then look around, delay if necessary, then pounce. And for goodness sake don't pay extra on any quoted price for delivery [On books or anything else!] Or, check out an Amazon price, look for their 'used copies' and then go direct to the vendor where you will find several who do a discount with free postage.

It really does pay to shop around. The Works have a ream [500 sheets] of 80gsm white A4 copy paper on special offer at £3.50. In Smith a similar product but a different brand starts at £9.70 whilst in  Tesco you need to pay only £2.50. Yes. Every Little Helps!

Finally, if you only  need the occasional sheet of glossy photo printing paper, check out Poundland where their packs of 12 x A4 work just fine in my Epson printer.

Or ... I suppose you may want to follow the tv  people who blather on, and on, and on about switching your energy supplier and bank to 'save' [But what then happens next year when your new supplier ends their welcome offer?]

Stay frugal than you can afford life's little luxuries.

Our beautiful beaches, blue skies and fabulous seascapes are free!

Even from our 120 year old basement flat we can see blue skies through our leaded light lounge windows.
Canon Ixus 70 on auto everything 1100 hrs March 6th 2017

I am amazed that a magazine called Amateur Photographer and which has been around for 100 years, regularly reviews cameras costing well into four figures for the body only and similar prices for lenses. Some wealthy amateurs as readers maybe. That's why I stopped buying it over a year ago.

The camera that I have been using for the last month sits in my pocket, can produce shots that enlarge to A3 with no difficulty, even when set to point-and-shoot automatic. Grab your seat! It cost me £10[Ten Pounds] including postage from eBay about two years ago. It is a Canon Ixus 70. It even has a viewfinder.