Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New Month and New Adventures

 Already the temperature has hit double figures once or twice. I am looking forward to being able to relax with a book or magazine on my favourite seafront bench.

Until then, and following acquisition of a smart phone and a blue-tooth dongle for my decidedly non blue ancient laptop it seemed like a good idea to herald the imminent arrival of Spring by repairing gaps in my IT armour instead of saying, "I don't do this, that and the other."

Although I cannot imagine ever embracing social media fully I have plans to learn more about Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ... mainly so that I can see what one-time former bloggers are up to these days.

Then, looking ahead to summer, our thoughts drifted towards holidays and the realisation that it is no longer sensible or viable to travel abroad. We liked those far off places when we got there but the angst of getting to Gatwick and the whole airport terminal malarkey is hassle we can do without.

Last year's staycation allowed us to pay for some essential home repairs and replacements around our apartment.

This summer we hope to do some day excursions to local attractions that we haven't visited since our children were small, around 40 years ago! Thanks to our free bus pass we should be able to get to most of them and even afford the odd admission price to places that have had 'experience' tacked onto their names.

Just as I decided to get more phone savvy, Nokia are relaunching their iconic dumb phone. Ha ha. For once we are ahead in the game as we still have our old, trusty, originals that don't do much but they do it really well.

A week or so ago I mentioned a website called Photowoha. I have no wish to learn [or pay for Photoshop] so have acquired a Movavi picture editing suite from the Indian based company for about 100th of the brand leader's asking price. I don't need all the whistles and bells anyway. UPDATE: AVOID THESE ORGANISATIONS. THEY ARE FAST AT PROCESSING YOUR PAYMENT WHERE IT SEEMS £19 BUYS YOU ENDLESS SALES BLURB AND REQUESTS FOR A NON-EXISTENT ACTIVATION KEY. AT BEST THIS IS A FLAKY OUTFIT. AT WORST IT IS A FRAUDULENT SCAM OR FRAUD.

Finally, I may attempt to scan some pages from my Blurb book about Margate and reproduce them here over the next week or three. I was astounded at the changes that have taken place in the space of three years.

Thanks for stopping by and here's looking forward to whatever turns you on.