Monday, 27 March 2017


"Going back in time in the sounds of the Nation, it's a Caroline Flashback".

That's how my favourite offshore radio station announced a 'blast from the past' whenever Radio Caroline was going to blow the dust off a "revived 45".

I cannot offer you any ear candy, but, it was always my intention to follow up on a few earlier posts. For Instance; I acquired a book about Twitter and Facebook for Seniors just to see if I could detect any point in either of them. I found that a Facebook account could be useful for signing in to a few other sites that I wanted to  visit but could never in my worst nightmares imagine any circumstances where I'd get the urge to 'follow' or 'like someone' or make a post of my own.

As for Twitter I still find this strictly for the birds. No surprises there then.

In a quest for  tools that might help me improve my photos, I downloaded a free editing program called Gimp. Yeah. Right. The on-line  manual was a pdf of 900 pages and the opening screen is the stuff of nightmares. So I guess I shall stick with the basic and easy tools found in PicMonkey. Easier by far to get it right first time in the camera BEFORE pressing the button!

My so-called Smartphone continues to need a battery recharge every 48 hours even when it is sitting at home and switched off. Smart? Progress? So the ancient basic dumb Nokia - where a battery charge lasts all week continues to be the go-to - phone of choice for calls and texts while I prefer a camera for photos.

Seems like I've traded 'groovy baby' for a rut. A rut becomes a trench, a trench becomes a hole and a hole becomes a grave.

At least I inadvertently used a four-letter obscene expletive for the first time here in one of last week's posts. Not even progress there then.  More of a retrograde step for which I apologise to readers of a nervous disposition.

To close on a happier note, This photo by c j chilvers welcomes the return of lighter evenings. Whilst Margate's own fishing boat was pictured by an unknown skilled photographer and posted on line. Thanks to you both for allowing me to add them here.