Friday, 10 March 2017

You couldn't make it up!

Look. See how happy all the little people are, playing in la-la-la-land!

Some 'businesses' appear to have a similar approach to client creation.

Take professional photographers for example.

My needs were very clear and very simple. I needed a series of head shots of myself for editorial use in magazines and book covers. I would choose ten photographs from those taken to be supplied as post-processed enhanced 10 x 8 glossy prints.

All the shots from the shoot would also be supplied on a CD and the fee was to include my free use for any legitimate purpose without payment of any additional copyright or reproduction fee. I would not expect to pay any 'sitting fee'. For this all inclusive deal I would always give the studio a credit when the shots were used and I even expected to pay more than the usual advertised prices for baby/wedding/family/social sittings. I  immediately take to the hills at any attempt to up-sell with any 'special offers', frames or 'discount vouchers'.

The good news is that I found an excellent studio in Margate with whom I agreed a fee that was fair to both of us.

The bad news is that some potential professional photographers weren't even in the running because I didn't know that they existed!

My other requirement was that the studio should be easily accessible by public transport as we flogged our car almost ten years ago.

I found one encouraging looking lead via Google and even met the photographer in question, I bought him two coffees and arranged a date and cash fee. He cancelled a couple of days before the shoot so I was back to square one, I had a list of three other possibles.

One phone call produced a message from BT. "This number cannot be connected at the moment." My guess was that it had been cut off. Yeah! Great Business.

The next asked me to leave a message and, because my call was important to them, they would get back to me. So I did and they didn't.

My third attempt to phone was answered by a voice that sounded about 4 years old, he [or she] was very polite and well spoken. "Daddy isn't home from work yet and Mummy is out shopping." Presumably a 'home studio'?

My previous post here included some fine photographs by a couple of local photographers and, when I searched on line, I discovered that both were professionals ... but they hadn't cropped up in my earlier searches because they didn't advertise in the local press or radio and had no well signposted sites. Seems they both depend on Facebook or Twitter ... but, if you recall, these posts began because I had no interest in either, believing them to be populated by thumb clicking teenagers.

The happy outcome was that I recalled seeing a shop [Yeah. Remember them? A sort of square building alongside a pavement and made of bricks and mortar] that was a photo studio and was never open when we walked past.

Five years later we were strolling down a side street that we had not used before and there was a shop, trading as a studio and with the same name as the one we had seen previously. Wonder of wonders it was open! A few days later I had my disc and prints in my hand after a most enjoyable and professional shoot, which is why I thoroughly recommend AG Studios in New Street Margate ... just off the lower High Street and opposite Sands Hotel. Mark Websper is the gentleman in charge.

If you are in business, any business, make it easy for people to know that you exist, keep to advertised opening hours, respond to all enquiries promptly, deliver what you promise, and if you have a shop, for pities sake put a name and street number over the window and it should be blindingly obvious that aforesaid windows are kept clean and well presented with regularly changing displays.

Highly Recommended for getting it right!

Next time ... another guy who is getting it right and whom I haven't even met ...yet!

Housekeeping Note:
One of my beautiful regular readers has given me a roasting for posting new blogs at random without any signs of a regular schedule.
I explained that this let-it-happen approach was typical of an Aquarian creative mind. She wouldn't accept this as an answer. ["Cheap excuse - not worthy!" she said]
So for those of you who prefer a tick-tock world I shall endeavour to post each Monday, Wednesday and Friday around the crack of dawn.
That is not a promise however, it is an aspiration!
Well, at least she cared. Aaaaah bless!