Monday, 3 April 2017

A Man Went Shopping

Canon Ixus 70 pocket digital camera and light from window. March 10 2017
I probably shop like most males ... decide a want, head for a store, buy the want as fast as possible. leave the store.

Unless there is a queue at the till/check out. Then I leave empty handed and do something more interesting. 

That happened a few weeks ago in T K Maxx. This is the only UK place I know where you can buy my favourite notebook. I have these three at the moment.
They are by Fringe Studio of Culver City California and are made in Korea.

From left to right above 'Wood Grain', 'Seascape' and 'Yosemite'. At 7.5" x 9.75" each is slightly smaller than A4. They come 'perfect bound' with passe-partout taped spine holding the160 standard ruled pages and cost £3.99.

I did see another with white fluffy clouds against a blue sky. I actually had the only two copies in my hand, saw a queue a mile long and one checkout out of the eight manned, so put them down and left. This store has a policy of small quantities of many lines at claimed discount prices and they state the obvious maxim that when it is gone it is gone.

Next time I looked they'd both gone.

But I STILL refuse to queue or hang about waiting for someone to take money for my purchase. You are absolutely right that I don't NEED another notebook either. It just seems that 'want' has a lower personal priority than 'need'?

Or could it just be that I am an impatient and grumpy old man? [No answer required!]