Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Catch Up

I am always pleased when readers send an appreciative email. They remind me that, although I started blogging as a selfish pastime to keep mind and fingers  in active co-ordination, some posts do give a few moments of pleasure to people who may be total strangers from anywhere in the world.

So why do I discourage this feedback by prohibiting comments except by email? Perhaps it is time for a quick catch up ... or a check up from the neck up as I used to suggest that some of my life coaching clients should do.

Around five years ago, when I started taking an interest in blogs, I stupidly thought that every reader would share my sense of values and fair play. Then some moron started making off colour comments in the foulest language that I had encountered since leaving my seafaring career long behind. So I pulled the plug on that blog which, in any case, had become an excuse for the sort of rant that elderly  geezers of my generation seem to enjoy.

After licking my wounds of self pity for a few weeks I launched another, this time heavy on opinions about local politics which were going through some kind on introspective death wish at the time. Then a couple of bloggers had their collars felt by the Old Bill. They were 'interviewed under police caution' and soon afterwards abandoned blogging in favour of other social media platforms where I absolutely refuse to go. So my second blog went the way of the first.

My next attempt was focused on 35mm photography and was a pure ego trip similar to many longer established sites that did the same stuff better and with more knowledge and experience, so that one only lasted a couple of  months. The next attempt was little better but not a total waste as a style ... my personal style of writing, presentation and photography evolved. My current headline gives a one line preview of what readers might expect.

It is several years since Don Wood wrote about his enjoyment of ordering a camera on Ebay, the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive and the fun of eventually using it. I could totally empathise as I had only just started usingEbay myself.

Don's blog is listed on my Bloggers' Hall of Fame elsewhere on this page under Promote Thanet in which he shares his enjoyment of living in this very special corner of Kent. It was also influential in our decision to have a staycation this year, I was disappointed to learn that he was finding it all a bit of a chore rather than a pleasure and was wondering whether to keep his blog going.

Oh yes Don! Been there and done that!

I usually have so many ideas that it would take several lifetimes to activate them all. I actually enjoy writing and photography but, even so, there are times when my words are constipated by a dark mood. Winston Churchill called them his Black Dog Days. When that happens I turn to reading instead of writing and within 24 hours the mojo/muse/whatever returns.

Back to that  Hall of Fame listing. There is a common link which I aim to explain in a week or so. They are all blogs that can trigger and inspire new ideas. These days I don't wait for ideas to arrive as I know that they always will. Instead I jot them down as headers for future blogs [to remind me with key words of the main idea] and the write them a few days in advance by using Blogger's Schedule facility.

In fact, while writing this post I have just had a potentially enormous idea for a personal project. I'm off to start making notes now while the notion is freshly conceived.

Thanks for being here.

I leave you with a photograph that I didn't think was up to much when I took it in Margate's Market Square three or four years ago. Now, I can enjoy it more and see its merits. To go back to Winston. He allegedly said, 'Never, never. never give up'.