Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Creatin' Space

Each year, at around this 'spring cleaning' time, I take a bag of books to Pilgrims' Hospice Old Bank Book Shop in the Piazza. 

We tend to take novels there as soon as they're read, so these are just some titles that have accumulated over the winter and were kept in case of  need to refer back.

Once upon a time I used to cart such collections around the second hand book shops where, on a fair day with a following wind, this small collection would create an offer that just might pay for an Americano in Caffe Nero [£ 2.20]

Frankly I'd rather give them away and let the charity shop take their loot from the independent second handers. 

Happily No  Imagaination Needed ... it's at the end of our road!