Friday, 28 April 2017

From Elsewhere

On a PC the list is over to your right. On a 'device' it could be absolutely anywhere so look for the heading Bloggers' Hall of Fame.

Each of these has earned its place on merit, by blogging and updating regularly on topics that not only interest me, but which can also initiate new ideas. They have more in common too. The authors have a distinctive style, they include personal snippets about their home town and family whilst adding to my knowledge bank with relevant information.

Starting with local blogs, Promote Thanet does what it says on the tin.

Thanet on Line can be a good source of local history and the joys of running a second hand book shop. 

J2 is a fairly recent  photo diary from a couple who live not far from Margate Harbour. 

On the other side of the Atlantic, Dave Lawrence Photography has a massive archive which always entertains as does his almost daily postings. Better than most photographic magazines in my opinion.

CJ Chilvers has a friendly approach and, has upped his no-nonsense creative posting schedule since losing his job recently.

As for Eric Kim, masses of content on the genre of Street Photography but, beware a tendency to unnecessarily strong language.

Over on the topics of stationery, notebooks and journalling you can always find weekly updates from a variety of sources at Travellers Notebook Times whilst the Well Appointed Desk offers plenty of fascinating material.

The oddly named My Life All In One Place has masses of free stuff to help planners and journalers as well as some valuable paid for offers from Mr Ray Blake, one of the good UK guys!

Baum-Kuchen hails from California and offers interesting insights into the joys of running a small family business in an arena dominated by big players. Lots of cute family pictures too. 

La Vie Graphite defies description, created by a philospher, writer, photographer and not updated quite as often as the others it is always a thoughtful place to visit. 

All of these sites have extensive leads to others that you may wish to explore ... so when you are stuck for something to pass the time for a few minutes then take a look.

Hey! I can remember when every small town had a business like this one!

Photo via Dave Lawrence Photography blog archive