Wednesday, 5 April 2017

G Mail really scared me!

I am not the sharpest knife in the box when it comes to technology. But even by my baby footstep progress this REALLY scared me.

The top picture is a normal Gmail screen with a list of six options. The bit I  didn't know was that clicking 'more' would create the screen on the right with twice as many. Note the 'All Mail' invitation.

When I selected this I discovered almost 5000 emails listed ... every one since buying this computer three years ago!

We only use email for routine household transactions  and family stuff so there were no secrets or bank details. What scared me was that we always delete our outbox and inbox and clear spam areas as soon as the messages have been dealt with. At least we thought we deleted them. Little did I know that they still lurked in'All Mail'.

I cleared them to Trash [Which is otherwise listed as Bin on another address] and then cleared them from that too. In the scheme of things my ignorance didn't matter, but then I figured how devastating it could be for someone using the method for business matters or credit confidential client stuff. In G World, 'delete' clearly means 'shift to somewhere else on your PC'.

I only discovered this when trying to get familiar with my new 'smart' phone and wondering why it had gazillions of sent emails when I hadn't even sent one! Then it dawned that it had captured these from g-mail on the PC and ... sometimes I really DO lose the will and recall how simple life was in the days when a GPO black bakelite phone at home and a 'radiogram' were as good as technology got...and urgent messages were delivered by Telegram Boys in GPO uniforms on bikes!