Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Notebook Reprise

About a week ago I showed some of the books that were culled at that time.

I have a 'capsule library' of a dozen or so 'keepers' and then there is a third category of books that I have read, enjoyed, disposed of and then replaced a few years later.

I know it doesn't make financial sense ... it's just what I do and, each time, with the benefits of hindsight, experience and maturity I find something new that I missed the first time around.

Take Writing Down The Bones by Nan Goldberg first published in 1986. At that time I couldn't get my head around her 50 or so short essays on the art and technique of writing. 

As I read her last few entries over breakfast this morning I decided to promote it to 'keeper' status this time around.

Here is an example of her style and suggestions ...

Happy reading and writing ...