Friday, 21 April 2017

Time Warp

It is said that 'what goes around comes around'.

During the 1950s at sea we would have a movie each Sunday night, which is where and how I came to love and admire the musicals of the 30's and 40's, especially if they featured big bands and amazing set pieces choreographed by Busby Berkely.

The music from 42nd Street [1933] still has the power to brighten my day and lift the mood. I saw the fabulous stage version in London's west end in 1980 [Twice!] and then a few touring productions since. A new production opened in London a few weeks ago but, for us that is now a trip too far from Margate.

Barry Manilow is a skilled and professional entertainer whose music has featured throughout our married life and even helped our daughter win a talent contest with her dancing to the composite cassette tape that I cut of 'Copacabana'. Released today, Barry has a new CD of New York themed tunes.

See what I mean about a sense of deja-vu?

If you only ever see one stage musical in your life, then make it 42nd Street where the feel-good factor helps you to suspend belief for a couple of hours of corny plot, remembering that it dates from '33 when life was more simple.

If you have been one of Mr Manilow's outspoken critics, then I suggest that you take a look at and listen to, his latest CD along with his other earlier tributes to the musical theatre and the big bands of the Great American Song Book. We saw him in concert around 30 years ago and he delivered a slick, highly polished show to a sell-out audience.

If you have a chance to visit Manhattan you will surely see why I fell in love in [and with] New York during my early twenties.

Enough nostalgia for one week!