Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A note for notebook and journal lovers

As part of our 2017 'staycation' we took a trip to nearby Quex Park with its amazing museum and Quex House, home of the Powell-Cotton Family.

Two particular items caught my eye, in amongst all the bigger and more dramatic stuff. In one of the many show cases of explorers' artefacts there was an opened page of a pocket notebook, truly a Field Notes book which any user of the Field Notes Brand would instantly recognise. Similarly, a modern photographer would be familiar with the circa 1920 box cameras and film boxes displayed in a nearby case.

Then, in the house, there is a desk with a bound journal and a display note nearby saying that the occupant 'had kept a journal as a boy, a daily habit that he maintained whilst at sea on an East Indiaman and resumed thereafter until his death'.

I find it odd how my attention is unconsciously drawn to such artefacts and how often they appear in unexpected places.

If you come to Thanet, be sure to take in a visit to Birchington and The Powell Cotton Museum, Quex House and the Gardens.

Meanwhile, the closing photo by an unknown lensman - or lenswoman - almost  reflects my own passage through journaling media. A hefty leather ledger beneath a quarto notebook, beneath an A4 book and topped off by a Moleskine pocketbook.
Generic notebook shot from internet