Monday, 29 May 2017

Books and another bit of serendipity

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Last Monday I revealed how a blog entry from C J Chilvers in USA led me to buy a book from a small UK publishing house.

I don't usually do book reviews here, so I'll just tell  you that I ordered the recommended book and it arrived last week.

Brilliant author and entrepreneur David Hieatt has such an unusual name that it was lodged somewhere in the back of my increasingly unreliable memory.

As soon as I read the back story for his own company, Hiut Denim Co, I recalled that I once subscribed to his entertaining blog and newsletter. 

More about the book another time. If you can't wait, search

Visit and hit the blog button to find enough entertaining video clips on a broad variety of topics to while away the next passing springtime rain shower. Sign up for their free newsletter while you are there and they'll send you a link to download a free pdf of their first year book. This magazine, heavy on photos, graphics and short articles is now in its 4th edition. Well worth a read.

Thanks again to CJ Chilvers and also to Peter at Start Bay Notebooks for the link to this header picture which has absolutely nothing to do with the words. It just pleased me. So did this  one courtesy of Paperblanks blog. 
A gentle reminder ...
I am a blogger, not a peddler. 
This means that any products mentioned in these posts is there from my own enthusiasm for them and they earn their place on merit ... free of any fee, reward, sales pitch or commercial consideration on my part.