Monday, 22 May 2017

International Serendipity


Thanks to gentle Southerly breezes and clearing skies, the early temperature soon rose to the low 20's C ... the warmest day of our year so far.

It seemed like a good day for the sixth of our Staycation Excursions to local tourist attractions. At breakfast we leafed through our collection of publicity brochures and chose this one, just half an hour away by bus. Note the title!

An hour earlier I had been checking some of my favourite blogs, two of them were overnight postings from the USA.

Dave Lawrence [Jackson Michigan]had published an interview with Steve Gray, a photographer from Hertfordshire whilst CJ Chilvers [Chicago Illinois] featured a book published by a small company in Shoreditch, London.

As this one was new to me, The Do Books Company, I  checked out [and ordered!] CJ's recommended title before browsing the rest of their site. Wow! This is truly MY type of publisher in so many ways.

My closing photo is from their page promoting Embrace the Unexpected by Robert Paynton ... sorry, couldn't find a photographer credited ... but I liked the active street scene, even although I couldn't recognise the location.

So there you have it. Within a couple of hours TWO references to expecting the unexpected, TWO American bloggers featuring British creatives from the South of England on the same day ... one about books/small business and the other about photography.

An intriguing start to an enjoyable day out in hazy, hot sunshine. us
P.S.  Owing to quirks in Blogger, what I create and layout on my screen is not always what appears on publication. Sorry about that and I am too PC illiterate to know how to fix it. Despite this, please stop by again soon.