Friday, 26 May 2017

Photo Journaling Week2

Welcome to the second phase of my approach to photo journaling ... the first was here last Friday May 19th.

The objective is to address a few of the snags that stop people  having a go or that result in them giving up after a few days or weeks. There are many sites with ideas of what to journal about and what to photograph, so those topics are off limits here. Similarly, I have no intention of devising a log-book that lists reams of details about the photos you take.

This time out I offer you some ideas based on other photo journaling approaches. Never to imitate of course, but to use their success strategies as models.

Before we get to that, I have a couple of points about motivation. I simply forgot to include them last week.

The ONLY effective and lasting motivation in any endeavour must come from within. So do your photojournal because you want to. Not because you have been told to. Yes. It is OK to be 100% selfish about this! Only you can identify what you want out of it and how you aim to use it. In my own case I have no intention of creating my photojournal for publication or to leave as a legacy. It exists simply to try out a concept which I believe to be original. Well, at least I haven't discovered it anywhere else so far.
Photo via Google Search

If you put your journal out on social media or on line as a blog, do take sensible precautions to stay safe. One or two that I have seen almost gave out the writer's home address, or offered enough clues regarding family, friends and location to amuse a stalker or weirdo with malicious intent. So yes, a journal has to be personal by definition, but if you go on line with it as part of a 365 or Daily Prompt project ... please proceed with care.

At this time next Friday I hope to look at some of the resources that you may need to consider.

This picture cropped up during one of my web surfing sessions and I'd love to give it a credit, just cannot remember where I found it. It is here for a little light relief as your reward for reading this wordy post and because it makes me feel good.

Happy dreaming and planning ... now if I had a chalet like this .....but I DO have the sea less than 200 metres away [when the tide is in, add another half mile when its out]so I shouldn't complain.