Monday, 5 June 2017

Do Books and when I didn't [Twice]

OK, no more free plugs for Do Books but, they do give me flashbacks to a couple of times when I didn't that is.

Times where I was between a rock and a hard place, just like most people experience sooner or later. And pass through.

Easy to slip into, easy to blame others or circumstances. And as difficult as hell to break out of. As one Australian life coach said at the time, 'If there ain't no light at the end of the tunnel, grab yourself an effing torch and create your own'. 

My own torch was my combination of abilities and broad experience in the public speaking and personal development seminar scenes, in books and publishing, in small business promotion and in network building.

Trouble was my torch batteries were being shorted out by temporary periods of self doubt and depression where another day of sofa surfing crap tv programmes represented the peak of my energy levels.

So when I recently stumbled across the 'Do Books' phenomenon, they gave me an uncomfortable flashback.

The books were the idea of Miranda West who, four years ago, took the initiative to develop a library based on the already established series of 'Do' lecture tours.

Back in my black dog days I already knew about 'The YES Group' and 'The TED Talks' and their spin-off publications and products. And just didn't get involved.

Yes, of course we can all be bold in the benefits and brilliance of hindsight, it takes a little time and distance sometimes to back off from introspection and take a wider angle view of a situation.

With my speaking and publishing interests, knowledge and experience I COULD and SHOULD have developed a fantastic career by developing these contacts. 

Instead, I lost my marriage, my home [and the significant collateral invested in it] and, very nearly, my equilibrium too.

Now I am in a good place ... emotionally, materially and physically and reunited with my family. It could ALL have happened 28 years earlier. Could have. Should have. Didn't.

You can do your own on line explorations of 'Do', 'Yes' and 'Ted' organisations. 

Check out;

If you are not happy with where you are now, do your own inventory of your skills, talents and experiences to see if there is a better way forward.

On the other hand, I hope that you don't need to learn such stuff the hard way and already have the time and means to share your own wisdom with those who may need a catalyst to dig themselves out of a rut. 
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By the way, Do Books are light on text and heavy on design, making them an ideal dip into read and they are a handy size at around 150 5" x 7" pages. Mostly priced well under £10 too!

Spread the cost by buying and reading one a month? As the Victorians preached, 'Read, Learn, Inwardly Digest and Apply'.

And I intend to. Starting now.
Will electronic books last like REAL books can?