Friday, 9 June 2017

It was wet and windy last Tuesday

There seemed little point in going out unless I had to. And I didn't have to.

Which is why I chose to stay indoors and play with my camera.

Having long ago opted out of being conned into buying the latest updated box of tricks, I sought a new way of co-ordinating mind and body by featuring my beloved Canon Ixus 70 ... which is now over ten years old and still going strong.

Back then I could have described it as being a similar size as a deck of playing cards, we don't have one in the house so I cannot be sure. I would have described it as being like a packet of cigarettes, we haven't had one of those around for so long that I cannot be sure. I once saw it compared with a block of bath soap. We use showers and gel, so that can't be confirmed either.

Back in the day I would say it is, 'Three-and-a-quarter by two inches and about three quarters of an inch thick. But, that would be meaningless to anyone born after 2000. If they are still taught such things in school they might just be able to visualise 8.5 x 5.1 x1.7 cm. But probably not. If you are into art 'n' design it has golden ratio proportions. It has these, even if you aren't artsy.

So I grabbed a sheet of A4 with a cool sea themed graphic, stood a life-size photo of my camera on it and sprinkled a couple of notes to give a sense of proportion. Appropriate too, as the camera was a £10 eBay bargain.

That's the result at the top of this page, taken with this little beauty and printed within a few minutes of being created. No cameras were harmed in making this post and Photoshop is way beyond my means and abilities.

There are probably better ways to spend an hour whilst meditating? Suggestions on the back of a twenty pound note please.

Cecil Square Margate - from one wet local 'Loop' bus to another
 1000hrs June 6th 2017         Canon Ixus 70 digital camera

Then we went out anyway and got wet. The rain stopped as soon as we got home.