Monday, 12 June 2017

Photo Journaling Week 4

Instead of prattling on more about all the choices and options available for your photo journal project, I shall cut to the chase and describe my own 365 Day Project.

I came across the format almost by chance. As I was growing up, my father subscribed to a series of booklets about a self improvement technique known as Pelmanism. These little grey covered paperbacks were probably as near in size to Field Notes Brand notebooks of today. A similar format featured in the five years of my secondary school life as we learned questions and answers by heart from The Penny Catechism.

When I started this thread of posts a month ago, I was working on a book that would fit ideally into this 3.5" x 5.5" 48 page format. 

Then I discovered that, whilst there are hundreds of options for blank pocket notebooks , there are very few companies prepared to print books of that size, so I started playing with the idea of reverting to genuine home table-top publishing ... just as we did in the old days before home computers, using paper, scissors, glue and a photocopier to produce a 'zine'.

And so to my far.

My format would be Field Notes size, but not that actual brand. Instead I would use Moleskine Small Cahier Notebooks for four reasons; they are half the price, they are stitched instead of stapled - hence no rust problems, the last few sheets are finely perforated so that they can be removed without damaging the rest of the book and finally, there is a handy storage flap pocket inside the back cover.

Whilst reading a photo blog by Eric Kim I discovered his own self published booklets in Field Notes format. They are easily pocket-able, enforce succinct writing, can accept photographs and are easy to archive in minimum space.

As for actually getting the words and pictures on to the pages ... you'll have to wait another week for these revelations I am afraid.

Thanks for being here.