Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Numbers Game

photo by Dominic Savage - Margate - 1950's
[Just at the end of our road!]
If you are into retro/vinyl/real music or, if you were born in 19-hundred and something,you may recognise these numbers as the revolutions per minute of discs that typically came in diameters of 
7-10-12 inches

My earliest cameras used 120,124, or 828,film that offered eight or twelve exposures per roll.
Then I moved up to 35mm film and enjoyed the luxury of 20 or 36 exposures per roll.
I still use 35mm sometimes. But thanks to digital memory cards it seems that I have almost unlimited shots at my disposal.

35mm was also the standard width of cinema film which was sliced in half for expensive home movies at 16mm and in half again for cheaper options. The 9.5 dimension was preferred in France by the Pathe company whilst 8mm offered us up to 4 minutes of unedited action per cine-camera reel. Now my digital stills camera can do video too, no film required!

36-26-32 Simply three figures to describe one perfect statistic from the days when this was common.

NOW? Lies, damned lies and statistics.

The true definition of politics?

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