Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Happy Birthday America!

Photo by Liverpool photographer Alex Scott
I wish all my Stateside friends and readers a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.

As a small child in WWII I fell in love with all things American, especially Hershey Bars and comics.

A little later it was the accent and smart military dress uniforms that impressed as did my young visits to the movies.

I bought into the   American Dream while they were still dreaming it and whilst England was wallowing in post-war austerity of drab greyness. Later I learned to enjoy the crooners who sang 'The Great American Songbook' with patriotic pride.

I was 18 before I made my first of many visits ... and my last was to Manhattan just two weeks after the nightmare of 9-11.

United States of America, thank you for so many happy experiences over all those decades.

I still love you, even although you seem intent on making it so difficult recently. I pray that you will survive your current presidency unscathed.